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I just don't understand why puppy farms and the sale of puppies in pet shops (and even garden centres!) is still legal? I remember seeing campaigns against puppy farms on programmes like Nationwide and That's Life when I was a child (yes I'm ancient) and it's still going on! Yes it is more rare to see cats and dogs for sale in pet shops, but I was shocked to see it did still exist when I moved back to the UK last year. I think the answer has to be legislation as I think most people who really care are now aware and wouldn't buy from these places. So I think consumer pressure is at its limit and action has to come from national and local government.

house training a puppy

The puppy looks so sad in that cage...

pets shops

I am not against pet shops selling puppies and kittens as long as they are not stolen and they have proper documents. I don't think banning rather regulating is a better solution.

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